Of Food Prep + Cooking

So if you haven’t already figured it out, this really is a work-in-progress blog by a work-in-progress mom!!!

And what I figured out is that I should just start reflecting because the thoughts are sometimes too much inside my own head, and I wonder if these thoughts might be shared by others and they think they are the only ones feeling things and thinking things…

Here’s the first of many more reflections to come…

If I was ever on a cooking show, it would be probably more likely end up on something like the comedy channel, or if there’s such a thing as therapy channel maybe that, because I would just be yelling at the food the whole time, okay perhaps not the whole time, I may devote some time to yelling at the pots and pans as well.  FYI, no yelling today, but made some re-observations of myself. I just did not receive the gift of cooking.

This is not a rant or negative self-thoughts (or at least I hope it does not come across that way), but more of some reflection about myself as a food preparer.

The Food Prep / Cooking Struggle

Every time I go to make something for a meal (I mean anything related to food prep or cooking – chopping, boiling, steaming, opening (as in the can/box/package), browning… – I’m reminded of how much I do not enjoy cooking and anything related to it, except the eating part at the end. I can’t even make premade foods correctly, and I especially am great at ruining frozen foods and boxed mac and cheese. Please tell me I am not the only one.
And don’t get me wrong, I am VERY grateful for the food I do have (my parents grew up in the village with very little…another post for another day) and I enjoy a good meal around the table (we almost always eat 3 meals around the table…if not our own, around someone else’s table), but growing/prepping/baking/cooking food is a talent I do not possess. I am mostly okay with that…although it is a challenge every time there’s an event with food sign-up…and harder still if I don’t actually mess up making corn on the cob and your kid who is visiting says that is the ONLY thing they DON’T eat or they like blueberries and strawberries but just not together…maybe another post for another day )
Okay, so you might be thinking, “What’s up with all those food pics?” Well, they are the result of my food prep / cooking struggles, that’s what’s up! For real, I have no clue if you tell me it’s simple and you add a pinch of this or that and just substitute this for that. Read on to see what keeps me sane and out of the drive-thru line at McDonald’s every day. (Note: There’s nothing wrong with McDonald’s. We happen to enjoy our filet-o-fish every month or so. It started out as having a monthly meeting there and then we just kept the tradition alive. hehe AND I’ve had some good memories with those hot cakes!)

Foodie Wannabes

We are a food people! My parents owned a restaurant for goodness sake! And we like to eat…A LOT! So if I was honest, I do slightly enjoy the process some of the time, just not most of the time, because I am a lifelong learner and the science of it all is somewhat exciting to my nerdy self. What’s a mom to do with these mixed emotions of food prep and cooking? Well, I do my best to teach the girls that we sometimes have to do things we are not good at and push past our shortcomings. We do try new things. We use things like Blue Apron (see pics above) and Raddish Kids (see pics below) to keep things fun (albeit still challenging) and different. (Note: Let me know if you would like to try either Blue Apron or Raddish Kids. I may have some free meals or discounts in our accounts.) We do eat out from time to time…because yum! and also no dishes to wash afterward! But mostly, it is a learning experience because for some reason people want to eat every day, multiple times a day, and so it is I press on.

What are your thoughts on meal prep and cooking? Do you love, like, dislike, or strongly dislike it?

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