My 2018 Book List

At long last, here is my 2018 book list! I’ve had them chosen for awhile but just haven’t had a chance to sit down to post about them. Some of these books may look familiar if you saw my book list from last year. That is because I am going to read a few of them again – some because I didn’t really finish them and others because I really want to dig into the book more. BUT there are quite a few new ones in there. Join me this year to read and learn and grow and be challenged!

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How I Chose My Books

I had worked through the LifeScore Assessment at the end of last year and I knew I wanted to read books to help me grow in different areas of my life. There are 10 life areas so those were set and I went with “Start” and “Celebrate” as my other areas. So of course, I’m starting with Your Best Year Ever because it is a book version of the “5 Days to Your Best Year Ever” course (without the videos and group accountability) which goes through setting goals for the 10 life areas. A few of the books don’t directly relate to the areas, but it helps me to think intentionally on ways to grow. There were a few I wanted to add to my list but I didn’t want to buy more books since I hadn’t read through some from last year. Yes, not buying books was very hard to do! :p I don’t have any plans to thoroughly discuss any of the books here or on social media, but if you’d like to come along for the ride, I’d love to hear your thoughts on some of these, or whatever books you’re reading. Oh, and also, these aren’t the only ones I’m reading, just the main ones I have planned, as you can see from my What I’m Reading in January post.

My 2018 Book List

What are you currently reading? Do you set reading goals or have a book list?

My Complete 2018 Book List on Amazon – *

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